31 Aug 2008

Arabic Calligraphy - قد أفلح من تزكى

This Arabic Calligraphic work is based on Farisi Style.

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18 Aug 2008

Name Scrolling on Cork

Presentation of the Material :
This is how we get to buy Cork (Or just findit on the beach if you're lucky).
Images represent :
1 - Full sheet of Cork Outside.
2 - Full sheet of Cork Inside.
3 - Detail of Outside Texture.
4 - Detail of Inside Texture.
5 - See how Thickness can vary.
6 - Detail of Inside Grain/Texture.

Cutting and Scrolling :

1 - Hand Scroll Saw at Work.
2 - A rather Scrollable Piece.
3 - See the Irregularity.
4 - Nice grain once cut.
5 - Only Chalk can do... Too Rough a Surface.
6 - Detail letters M and I.
7 - Detail Letter A.
8 - Detail Letter N (seen from above - Note the thickness...)
9 - AMINA!.

17 Aug 2008

Like a Teddy Bear

• This Walking Teddy is made out of Plywood.
• Every part was cut out separately.
• I used solvant glue to stick the segments to the body.
• The scarf is a piece of leather.
• For the Eye, Nose and Mouth I used a permanent marker pen.

• What I like most is the Stand.
• Two pieces of Plywood cut as shown below.

• This is how they look like mounted.

• And this is how the Teddy stands on.

This Teddy was offered as a gift to AC in Batna.
Designed by AAA , Portsmouth - UK
Download A4 Teddy Bear Pattern!

14 Aug 2008


Depending on cultural backgrounds, this work will definitely be perceived differently.
I find it so enjoyable anyway.
Plywood again.

Designed by me...
Download the Pattern!

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Welcome to My Scroll Saw Projects Blog

السلام عليكم

As you can see, I'm just starting in both Scroll Sawing and Blog Managing.
Please wait for more to come.
I'm sending from Algeria my country.
I hope you'll enjoy the time you'll spend here, and why not? yes why not just say hello, and tell what you liked most or least.

Did I mention I loved Swallows?

Here's my today's project.
It's supposed to be a Swallow.
I used ordinary 5 mm plywood.
This Swallow was offered as a gift to AAA in Portsmouth - UK
Designed by AAA , Portsmouth - UK

Download the Swallow Pattern!

A Rosette?

My guitaristic background must have suggested I venture in this rather awkward (for my modest experience at least) project.
As you can see the Finishing.... just insn't there.
But I'm quite happy with the patience I've used to achieve this project.
I've used a piece of wood from an old tool case.
I couldn't say what wood it is.
I spent most of the time needle filing the edges.
1:30 h for the cutting
2:00 for the finishing.
The pricture is approximattely at 100% of real size.
This Rosette was offered as a gift to LHA in Portsmouth - UK.

Why one should never underestimate the value of an old table tennis racket...

This represents a bottle. I used an Olive leafs and fruit pattern.
The title says it all. I found the old table tennis racket in my brother's garden.
The dark background is made out of plywood.

This project was offered as a gift to DWA in Portsmouth - UK
Thanks for K.A. from Tadjenanet - DZ for providing the racket!