27 Nov 2008

Fish Puzzle

Fish Puzzle for the little ones.
Use any colours.
Click on the image to save the free pattern to your computer!

20 Nov 2008

Fretwork Scroll Sawn Shelf for My Better Half (2) ('2' is for the shelf of course...)

More shelves for empty walls...

• Plywood
• One thick coat of marble powder thickened acrylic paint, applied with a hard paintbrush to give it a rough texture.
• Finally mahogany-tinted synthetic varnish.
• Glue and nails.

Click to save the shelf's fretwork free pattern to your computer!

18 Nov 2008

Pomegranate in a Vase free Pattern

This is the pattern I have used for both,
Fretwork : http://myscrollsawprojects.blogspot.com/2008/10/pomegranate.html
and Segmentation : http://myscrollsawprojects.blogspot.com/2008/10/pomegranate-ii.html
using a Scroll Saw.

Just click on the image to save the free pattern's file to your computer!

11 Nov 2008

Dromedary 3

For the kids room.

9 Nov 2008

Dome and Minaret Lamp (Try 2)

I have reduced the number of piece for a single lamp to less than half, compared with the previous attempt.
Today was "Router" day, which I've used to make grooves in the corners, that could hold the panel together.
I have managed to scroll the four panels out in one go, using adhesive tape.

With the previous pattern, heat from the light bulb caused the tip of the minaret to bend out.
I thought I'd use some glue, but finally remedied to this, by leaving a junction between the minaret and the top arch of the panel.
No need to glue, the minaret is nice and straight.
This however, gave me a second whole in the pattern (speaking of removing/mounting the scroll saw blade, of course), but I had to choose the lesser of two.
I have changed the glass colour too, for a warmer ambiance.

8 Nov 2008

Dome and Minaret Lamp

This project needed quiet an easy scrolling work.
As you can see the pattern is very simple.

Tough many were happy with the general idea and result, it is obvious -after having been through all the making process of this lamp - that many things could have been done in a more "Elegant" way.

Improvisation doesn't always give the expected results but improves self-confidence.
I believe that the next attempt will be "The best I could ever make" (at that moment ;•) ).

6 Nov 2008

Wood Profile Box

For this project I have used Door Frame Wood Profile.
Something like this :

To have this finish, the box had to go through :
- Sand paper.
- Two Acrylic paint let-dry coats.
- More sand paper...
- One Lacquer paint coat.

3 Nov 2008


This is a Dromedary!


Click on the picture below to save the pattern!

Running Bear (with simplified stand)

Bears again!

Same as some idea below, but the stand if simpler and fixed to the Teddy.
Plywood, glue, nails, leather and oil.
The pattern is somewhere in this page. ;•)