26 Dec 2008

Moon And Star - A Honey's Pattern!

Thanks to Honey for providing the pattern.
And to Arpop for the errata.

25 Dec 2008

Allison - Revised by Handi.

Voila Madame!
"Allison" in Thuluth Script.

BTW... the Rooster joke is one I'll be telling the whole week!

Many thanks to Handi for revising the initial pattern, and producing a most elegant result.
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Handi's Going East

Hi Handi,
I thought you might like having your name written in Arabic Calligraphy.
First is Handi in Thuluth script
Second is a repetition of it in Nastaliq script at every fifth of a circle (that' every 72°).

You should notice that I have modified the "Ha" letter (equiv. to "H") to make the pattern fully scrollable.
That's all buddy, be well.
One fEZ.

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14 Dec 2008

Portrait Puzzle : A Joan.

A trop vouloir philosopher...

Tu sais Joan, la vie c'est comme un grand puzzle.
Au début on a bien toutes les pièces, qu'on s'empresse de coller les unes aux autres, souvent sans succès. Des fois on pense a consulter l'image de la vie idéale pour nous aider reconstituer chacun notre puzzle. Mais on perd patience et pensons que les recettes toutes prêtes c'est pour les autres. Alors on revient à nos pièces. Des fois elles s’emboîtent parfaitement les unes au autres, et d'autres fois non. Il y en a même qui une fois emboîtées, donnent une image bizarre. D'autre plus vicieuses, mises côte à côte, nous apparaissent si bien ensemble qu'on veut à tout prix les unir pour finalement comprendre qu'il faudrait en casser un bout pour que ça marche. Certains d'entre nous finirons leur puzzle à temps, d'autre baisseront les bras après avoir constitué des îlots éparses et incompréhensibles, d'autres aux cas tout particuliers, n'auront même pas l'occasion de toucher leurs pièces, que d'autres personnes, qui par excès d'amour qui par manque d'estime, manipuleront à leur place. Les accomplis eux pourront finir le leur, puis plus tard aiderons d'autres à comprendre ce qu'est le puzzle de la vie.
Voici le tient il n'a que douze pièces mais c'est quand même un puzzle.

D’ailleurs avec le temps, tu verras, il y en aura de plus en plus.

Rappelles-toi que trouver les deux premières pièces qui vont ensemble n’est pas plus ardu que placer la dernière pièce n'est aisé.

Un amateur de puzzle...

13 Dec 2008

Antoine's Dolphin Puzzle

One more for the kids .

Thanks to Antoine for the idea... mine hasn't turned out as good as his.

I recommend you take a look at his blog here.
Antoine has a very fine touch and puts/shows so much love in his work.

Merci l'ami!

4 Dec 2008

Arabic Calligraphy : Takbir

Reused some pattern previously posted in this Blog, but with my special coating and a decent frame.
Pleased many...

Know more about Takbir and Arabic Expressions...

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1 Dec 2008

Arpop Pattern : Diamonds and Hearts Mirror Frame

Thanks again to Arpop who generously provided the pattern here .

One More Swallow!

Apparently, Spring is not far...
I've changed my mind, this is the one Val's going to be mailed...

Want to save the free pattern to your computer? Just click

Fish Puzzle

For Mohammed Yanis...

To download the free pattern, please use this link : http://myscrollsawprojects.blogspot.com/2008/11/fish-puzzle.html

Colours and Shapes Puzzle

For Imed...
Yanis has just mentioned the Rectangle and the Oval are Missing!

Click on the image below to save the free pattern to your computer!

27 Nov 2008

Fish Puzzle

Fish Puzzle for the little ones.
Use any colours.
Click on the image to save the free pattern to your computer!

20 Nov 2008

Fretwork Scroll Sawn Shelf for My Better Half (2) ('2' is for the shelf of course...)

More shelves for empty walls...

• Plywood
• One thick coat of marble powder thickened acrylic paint, applied with a hard paintbrush to give it a rough texture.
• Finally mahogany-tinted synthetic varnish.
• Glue and nails.

Click to save the shelf's fretwork free pattern to your computer!

18 Nov 2008

Pomegranate in a Vase free Pattern

This is the pattern I have used for both,
Fretwork : http://myscrollsawprojects.blogspot.com/2008/10/pomegranate.html
and Segmentation : http://myscrollsawprojects.blogspot.com/2008/10/pomegranate-ii.html
using a Scroll Saw.

Just click on the image to save the free pattern's file to your computer!

11 Nov 2008

Dromedary 3

For the kids room.

9 Nov 2008

Dome and Minaret Lamp (Try 2)

I have reduced the number of piece for a single lamp to less than half, compared with the previous attempt.
Today was "Router" day, which I've used to make grooves in the corners, that could hold the panel together.
I have managed to scroll the four panels out in one go, using adhesive tape.

With the previous pattern, heat from the light bulb caused the tip of the minaret to bend out.
I thought I'd use some glue, but finally remedied to this, by leaving a junction between the minaret and the top arch of the panel.
No need to glue, the minaret is nice and straight.
This however, gave me a second whole in the pattern (speaking of removing/mounting the scroll saw blade, of course), but I had to choose the lesser of two.
I have changed the glass colour too, for a warmer ambiance.

8 Nov 2008

Dome and Minaret Lamp

This project needed quiet an easy scrolling work.
As you can see the pattern is very simple.

Tough many were happy with the general idea and result, it is obvious -after having been through all the making process of this lamp - that many things could have been done in a more "Elegant" way.

Improvisation doesn't always give the expected results but improves self-confidence.
I believe that the next attempt will be "The best I could ever make" (at that moment ;•) ).

6 Nov 2008

Wood Profile Box

For this project I have used Door Frame Wood Profile.
Something like this :

To have this finish, the box had to go through :
- Sand paper.
- Two Acrylic paint let-dry coats.
- More sand paper...
- One Lacquer paint coat.

3 Nov 2008


This is a Dromedary!


Click on the picture below to save the pattern!

Running Bear (with simplified stand)

Bears again!

Same as some idea below, but the stand if simpler and fixed to the Teddy.
Plywood, glue, nails, leather and oil.
The pattern is somewhere in this page. ;•)

31 Oct 2008

Briar Wood Star

Three summers ago, we went to Jijel for holiday , and I had the chance to find some briar root pieces on the beach. At first sight they looked just like anything you can find on the beach. But the weight and hardness of it shows their nobleness.
Briar wood is a very hard wood to cut, but stands filing and carving very well.
It is generally used for smoking pipe making.
I'm very happy with the result and someone in the house is very happy that those horrible things found 3 years ago are no longer on the top shelf of our bookcase.

• Material : Briar Wood, Bruyère, شطبة
• Scrolling time : 10 mn.
• Carving time : 20 mn (using needle files).
• Finish : Sandpaper then Oil.
• Application/usage : Absolutely no idea.

Any idea?

22 Oct 2008

Pomegranate II

Same pattern as some project below.
I know... It needs framing...

Miter Box

I had enough of everybody looking at my works and first say : “Doesn’t it need framing?”. lol
This is my first miter box. I know it is ugly, but it makes nice 45° (and 90°) cuts.

19 Oct 2008


Scrolling time : 01:20.
Material : Plywood.

I love Pomegranates.
In Algeria we call them Rom-mane.

Mother used to tell me with a smile, not to drop one grain of the fruit, if I wanted to go to Paradise.

The grains are called Arils, where flesh covers the seed.
The best Pomegranates are the ones with tender seeds.
Tender enough to be eaten.

18 Oct 2008

Allahou Akbar

Material : Plywood .
Script type : Thuluth.
Scrolling time : 1 h.

"Allahou Akbar", means God (Allah) is Greater.
Note that many translations use "Greatest" instead...
"Akbar" means greater.
I like the usage of the Comparative against the Superlative...
Thinking of anything you'd consider great?... Then God is Greater.
"Allahou Akbar" is first call to Prayer.

Download the Pattern below...

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17 Oct 2008

Segmented Rearing Horse Pattern

This is a simulation made using Photoshop®.

And this is the pattern!

Jumping Horse

Hi, friends!
Segmentation again...
Beechwood on Plywood.

Fretwork Scroll Sawn Shelf for My Better Half

Used Plywood for the fretwork corners, and an old TV set HDF panel for the top.
Glue and nails for mounting.
The Fretwork Pattern is available at : http://www.fretworks.com.au/catalogues.htm

15 Oct 2008

A Labrador

I made this.
All though I don't like dogs very much.
Well they don't like me in fact, or the way I dress...
This is a Labrador Retriever.
Labs are exceptionally affable, gentle, intelligent, energetic and good natured, and are generally considered good companions for people of all ages (including a high level of patience and tolerance for children making them both excellent companions and working dogs.
Although somewhat boisterous if untrained, Labrador Retrievers respond well to praise and positive attention, and are considerably "food and fun" oriented. These dogs are loyal and good with little children. They may be used in shows. With training, the Labrador is one of the most dependable, obedient and multi-talented breeds in the world.

12 Oct 2008

Cork Rearing Horse

That was easier than it may seem.
I used Natural Cork Bark, found on the beach.

9 Oct 2008

Big Fish

Hand Saw and File work.

For Val

Another Swallow.
Same pattern as before.
J'espère qu'il plaira.

8 Oct 2008

Two Flowers

Beechwood on Plywood.
Heavy Varnishing.
Scroll saw and Grinder.

2 Oct 2008

Olive Leaf and Fruit Bottle Pattern

Here's the pattern for a simple scrolling project.
I used an old Table Tennis Bat.
You can see the Final Work here.

30 Sep 2008

Like a Flower in a Pot

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time, to have such things about us. ~Iris Murdoch, A Fairly Honourable Defeat.

God loved the flowers and invented soil. Man loved the flowers and invented vases. ~Variation of a saying by Jacques Deval (God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.)

Scroll Saw and Grinder Work on Masonite (Isorel).
Light Varnish Finish.