22 Oct 2008

Miter Box

I had enough of everybody looking at my works and first say : “Doesn’t it need framing?”. lol
This is my first miter box. I know it is ugly, but it makes nice 45° (and 90°) cuts.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

You know, I remember them old Handmade Miter boxes, matter fact, my Father had one when I was a Child.

He wasn't into woodworking thou as I am today. it was mostly used for Plumbing stuff, as he was an army man and a Plumber.

realfEZ said...

Hi Jimmy...
Nice to see you here, I hope you're doing well with wood.
I'm learning to use my mitter box for framing my works.
It is such a simple object yet so essential. No way you can get the 45 otherwise!
My regards to you and to your father... And thanks for the visit, it cheers up.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

you are very welcome. I try to make a blog entry daily on my fellow woodworkers/scrollers/crafters blog if I see new entry's and all.

What you may consider, and this what I do for Uniqueness, you don't really have to have a 45Degree angle on your frames.

Use Double Sided Tape, and Tape both Pieces of Wood together at a 90 Degree, Then draw a Design on the wood, Then Set your Table to bout 1.5 to 2 Degree, Experiment on scrap first to get the right fit.

then Scroll out, Take the tape off, and fit the upper to the bottom, should fit together like an inlay, do this for all 4 Sides.

Of course, the Old Traditional Way is really good also! Check it out sometime!