15 Oct 2008

A Labrador

I made this.
All though I don't like dogs very much.
Well they don't like me in fact, or the way I dress...
This is a Labrador Retriever.
Labs are exceptionally affable, gentle, intelligent, energetic and good natured, and are generally considered good companions for people of all ages (including a high level of patience and tolerance for children making them both excellent companions and working dogs.
Although somewhat boisterous if untrained, Labrador Retrievers respond well to praise and positive attention, and are considerably "food and fun" oriented. These dogs are loyal and good with little children. They may be used in shows. With training, the Labrador is one of the most dependable, obedient and multi-talented breeds in the world.

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hirondelle said...

Celui ci est très beau aussi!J'aime beaucoup!bravo!
bises Val