31 Oct 2008

Briar Wood Star

Three summers ago, we went to Jijel for holiday , and I had the chance to find some briar root pieces on the beach. At first sight they looked just like anything you can find on the beach. But the weight and hardness of it shows their nobleness.
Briar wood is a very hard wood to cut, but stands filing and carving very well.
It is generally used for smoking pipe making.
I'm very happy with the result and someone in the house is very happy that those horrible things found 3 years ago are no longer on the top shelf of our bookcase.

• Material : Briar Wood, Bruyère, شطبة
• Scrolling time : 10 mn.
• Carving time : 20 mn (using needle files).
• Finish : Sandpaper then Oil.
• Application/usage : Absolutely no idea.

Any idea?


Travis said...

I really like the color and grain. I think it will look good with any project, assuming you have enough material. Or you can just take up pipe smoking and pipe making!

realfEZ said...

Hi Travis, nice to see you
Heathers are very common around here, and very abundant along the Algerian coastline.
I really think I should try pipe making and smoking... that might bring the idea of my quitting cigarette smoking. lol.

Best regards.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Well I would probably have to say.

For example, in the very center of a Apron of a Fireplace Mantel.

Kinda like a Rosary Design or an inlay so to speak.

Center piece for an attraction. maybe Coffee Table.

Allison said...

Very nice indeed. Did I understand you right when you said you found wood like this just laying around the coast? If so I got to move!

realfEZ said...

Hi friends,
Thanks for the great ideas Jimmy,

You did understand me right dearest Allison, and you'll need to come before you move, so be welcome at my place any time...

Best Wishes,