8 Nov 2008

Dome and Minaret Lamp

This project needed quiet an easy scrolling work.
As you can see the pattern is very simple.

Tough many were happy with the general idea and result, it is obvious -after having been through all the making process of this lamp - that many things could have been done in a more "Elegant" way.

Improvisation doesn't always give the expected results but improves self-confidence.
I believe that the next attempt will be "The best I could ever make" (at that moment ;•) ).


Travis said...

Wow. That turned out beautiful. I really like the soft blue light. Wonderful job!

realfEZ said...

Hello Travis, thanks for the kind comment. You're one of the few people (myself counted in)who liked the blue glass option.
Be well.

ines said...

Que hermoso trabajo!! Felicitaciones