9 Nov 2008

Dome and Minaret Lamp (Try 2)

I have reduced the number of piece for a single lamp to less than half, compared with the previous attempt.
Today was "Router" day, which I've used to make grooves in the corners, that could hold the panel together.
I have managed to scroll the four panels out in one go, using adhesive tape.

With the previous pattern, heat from the light bulb caused the tip of the minaret to bend out.
I thought I'd use some glue, but finally remedied to this, by leaving a junction between the minaret and the top arch of the panel.
No need to glue, the minaret is nice and straight.
This however, gave me a second whole in the pattern (speaking of removing/mounting the scroll saw blade, of course), but I had to choose the lesser of two.
I have changed the glass colour too, for a warmer ambiance.


Lemajd said...

Wow... you've come a long way bro... I'll have one of those please!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Very nice work. Now that I know Luminaries arn't that difficult, I may have my hand at more of them!

Keep up the good work!


Travis said...

You could look into using a LED lamp instead. I don't think they product that much heat. They're a bit more expensive, but last longer and more energy efficient. You might have to buy them online, though.

gina said...

Very pretty...


realfEZ said...

@ lemajd : Thanks Bro! Request noted. And don't forget that Art is depending on you. ;•)

@ Jimmy : You're absolutely right, Will you try making some for us? I'm sure that the result will be magic.

@ Travis : Thanks for the LED lamp tip. Although It won't be possible to buy any (for technical reasons). I might use an energy saver bulb, since the tinted glass is there as a final colour temperature filter. Only problem most energy saving bulbs are not dimmable.

@ Gina : Only pretty eyes can tell. Thanks.

Eat well all.