20 Nov 2008

Fretwork Scroll Sawn Shelf for My Better Half (2) ('2' is for the shelf of course...)

More shelves for empty walls...

• Plywood
• One thick coat of marble powder thickened acrylic paint, applied with a hard paintbrush to give it a rough texture.
• Finally mahogany-tinted synthetic varnish.
• Glue and nails.

Click to save the shelf's fretwork free pattern to your computer!


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

That's pretty cool, I don't know if I fathom the color or not...

I'm not big on painted wood, Don't get me wrong, it looks wonderful construction and all, but the paint, just not 100% sure bout that.

You get an "A" LOL

Good job bro. I'm in the process of a Celtic Circle pattern right now, I will be posting either tonight or in the morning with the picture, come check it out when you get a chance.


realfEZ said...

Hi Jimmy nice to see you're well.

LOL... I must concede it's a bit gory.
As for painting wood, see me completely against! The thing is that I get to find or buy such low quality wood sometimes, that painting is the only way things can be finished to a decent result.
I'm not well will using varnish and tints either actually, not yet I hope.

Good luck with the Celtic Circle (I love Celtic stuff actually). I'll be checking every one of your Chefs-d'œuvre for sure.

Best Wishes,

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


i've got a Few more Tracery "Celtic" Circles and other Shapes I can cut out, BUT the problem I'm running into right now, is I need to order some Drill bits and a Chuck for the Small bits from Mikes Workshop.

And a #0/2 Bit to accomidate some of the Holes and all for the project, too Small.

I've got anothe project in mind, i just have to get stuff gathered to do it, It's my Antique Calender, I don't know if you seen the post, but check the Archive on my blog in Oct. i think it is, I have a Post about an Antique Calender, and I provided pictures for viewing pleasures.

I'm going to redo this with a few little mods to it to make it my own!


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I got some more of them to cut out, I just need to invest in the Smaller then 1/6" Bits and the chuck.

And a #0/2 Blade for some of them. Check out my Blog in the Oct Archive, I have an Antique Calender that I'm going to work on soon, It's really neat, going to do some mods to it also.