13 Dec 2008

Antoine's Dolphin Puzzle

One more for the kids .

Thanks to Antoine for the idea... mine hasn't turned out as good as his.

I recommend you take a look at his blog here.
Antoine has a very fine touch and puts/shows so much love in his work.

Merci l'ami!


Handi said...


Nice work he has, But I don't understand the Language lol, i will have to Translate it with Google Translation to read it.

You did a nice job thou, Practice makes perfect, don't expect to be an expert scroller over night like me. Kidding lol.

Keep up the good work.


Allison said...

Wow, I have been gone a few days and you have been so busy. I just Love the puzzles and the calligraphy. This Dolphin is awesome. I really, really like it! I have a couple of little g,children that would really enjoy this.
Wood Alley
or just plain Allison. LOL!!!

realfEZ said...

@ Handi : Does he not! As for the language just dive in and make your comments in standard English, sure Antoine will be pleased. I don't think anyone could ever become good as "Big Handi". Some people have some very weird aims in life!!!

@ Allison : Nice to see you're back love, and yes my kids have loved playing these puzzles on and on. At least it keeps them quiet for... half an hour or so, before they start putting them inside trucks or using them as virtual food... lol.

Be Well,

Handi said...

fEZ: Well i could be better lol, Don't have to give me that much Credit.

i've only been Scrolling for about 2 months now. I've only messed up I think 1 of my Projects, and that was because of the Blades I was using.

I'm thinking about getting into some of the Puzzles myself, but doing to do custom ones I think, Simular to yours but with 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 pictures.