25 Dec 2008

Allison - Revised by Handi.

Voila Madame!
"Allison" in Thuluth Script.

BTW... the Rooster joke is one I'll be telling the whole week!

Many thanks to Handi for revising the initial pattern, and producing a most elegant result.
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Handi said...

fEZ: Well HOTDOG you got your MUG up there... Nice to put a Face with a Name lol.

What kind of pattern is this? Or should I say what kind of Language or writing is this, Looks neat.


realfEZ said...

Hi Handi,
This is Arabic Calligraphy, just like yours in my previous post. Take a look at it I think you 'll like your name written that way.

Allison said...

Wow, This is beautiful, Thank you, I got to figure out how to print it and I will make it and then post it on Wood Alley and let you know. Thank you. That was the only Christmas present I got.LOL!!
Seriously tho'

Handi said...

fEZ: Let me give you a little tip, if you don't mind. It may help you out a little on your Arabic Lettering and from Drop outs..

You got the Right Idea, Opening up areas so there are no Drop out and all.

I wish I could show you, would be better. Anyway, On Allisons Name, In the bottom right corner where you opened up the Pieces so they wouldn't fall out.

Instead of erasing a Line just threw it, Try to mark it close to the lines, to make it appear like Tribal Arabic if you know what I mean, Like a Weave effect if you will, Say it overlaps, and you know it will drop out, so you erase some areas close to the overlaping, on either side, this will give it a Weave effect so to speak.

Making it appear naturaly done by letters or overlapping. Send me an Unmodified version of the arabic of allisons or mine and I will edit it and show you the changes if you don't mind, so you can get a visual.

It may look better, but of course it's just a tip, you don't have to use it... LOL


realfEZ said...

@ Allison,
My pleasure dearest one. Any time...

@ Handi,
The weaving effect that's the word.
You've a good eye.

One fEZ.

Allison White said...

I am sooo glad I found this once again. I am going to post about this on my old but new blog. (I lost my Domain name wood-alley due to a computer freeze) So I started another one and am adding the old content along with adding new! I will link back here to you of course!
Thanks Allison!