25 Dec 2008

Handi's Going East

Hi Handi,
I thought you might like having your name written in Arabic Calligraphy.
First is Handi in Thuluth script
Second is a repetition of it in Nastaliq script at every fifth of a circle (that' every 72°).

You should notice that I have modified the "Ha" letter (equiv. to "H") to make the pattern fully scrollable.
That's all buddy, be well.
One fEZ.

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Allison said...

I am not to shy to ask. I would love to have Allison done. That sounds like such a fun project!
Thanks !

Handi said...

fEZ: That's Badass dude. Thanks.

I like it, I'm gonna Scroll it out Soon and then Hang it over my Scroll Saw work area in the Garage, Then I may make another and put it in the house.

You you may check into something about selling some of that on etsy, Design some arabic Names or something, Scroll them out, then Sell them, and put what it is in the Desc of the Project.

Could make a little mula off of that.


realfEZ said...

Looking forward to seeing it Handi. I'm sure it'll turn out great made by you.

One fEZ.

mouhieddinek@yahoo.fr said...

hello, your are really an artist. I want to wright in arabic caligraphy the name of our association,the name of association is:
جمعية الدفاع عن الصخر العتيق. قسنطينة

thank you very much, i want to that may be the logo of our association.

Sassi said...
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realfEZ said...

Hi Mouhieddine,
Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. Will contact you soon via e-mail.
We'll have to meet down town sometime... Say hello to Atef.

Best Wishes

vanilla baby said...

I would like to thank you for offering your help on YA, it was really kind of you :) Omg, I am sitting over this comment for 20 minutes now, and dont know what to ask for... Too many things in my mind :D Ok, if I had one wish, I would love to see something personal instead of my name - like "I love you" (Bhebak)or "You are my dream man" (anta fata ahlami) or "I kiss you" (abosak)
It would really make me happy, if you could make one of these or something similiar, when you have time for it :) Thank you so much in advance :)
Wish you all the best for the new year


Handi said...


Looks like you are hittin up some orders there bro...

keep it up, Nice work...


Travis said...

That is soo cool. I'm a little behind on my blog reading. But I'd love to have one too! Can I get one to say "The Cook Family"? Thanks fEZ!

realfEZ said...

My pleasure Travis...
I have started a new Blog here at http://arabiccalligraphy4u.blogspot.com/.
to keep it separate from the "Tangible" work.
I'll send you an e-mail as soon as it's ready icA.

Best Wishes.

rouzbeh said...

its not arabic font. its a persian font.
u can download nastaligh software for type any word.

or type online :

my blog about perian inaly & scrollsaw :