1 Dec 2008

Arpop Pattern : Diamonds and Hearts Mirror Frame

Thanks again to Arpop who generously provided the pattern here .


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Very nice.

Is that you in the first one and your little one?

Looks like the mirror, or the scroll work is tiles, i don't mean bathroom tiles, but scraps of wood cut into squares then just linked together.

Looks pretty good!


realfEZ said...

Ahlan Handi
Meet me in the first one and Mohammed Yanis in the second (He's not as dumb as he might seem, he was winking during the exposure... lol and I do love him - do you have kids?).

Yes the inner frame is in fact a set of for identical brackets. I had to operate that way due to the small neck size of my scroll saw. I ended up cutting two brackets at a time.. Yes! (I used nails on cut-off to-be parts, to keep both pieces together during the cutting)

The back ground is made of a thinner plywood + Mahogany tinted varnish, to ensure contrast.

Plywood and brackets were joined with an air stapler.

The mirror is stuck to the brackets with silicon glue(this implies that there is an octagonal whole in back plywood...)

The outer frame was made by a professional, using resin beadings.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


It's really nice, so you used the Stack method, Very nice.

What size is the neck on your Scroll Saw? I have a Craftsman 16", if you check out my Lumberjocks page you can see a review and pictures of my Scroll Saw.


Very nice boy, Glad i got to see the both of you, oh, I'm moving My Blog, so if you want, Mark it instead of the other.

http://www.handisworkshop.blogspot.com I decided to move it to kepe it seperate from my other blog, it will make it easier to keep things seperate.


realfEZ said...

Hi Handi,

Yep... 16" inch neck length here too.

isn't showing right I'm afraid, or isn't it on-line yet?

Tell me, how do you move a blog?

"Myscrollsawproject" seems to be too long for some people and easily confusable with many others blogs with similar names...

Best Wishes,

Arpop said...
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realfEZ said...
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realfEZ said...

Hello Arpop,
Thanks for making this Blog shine with your presence. As for the frame job, I and so does my wife would like the thank you for providing its pattern in the first place. She literally fell under its beauty.
We all have a good example In your person, of what good sharing can be, so let me thank you in return for the great efforts your are making to make Internet what it all should be about.

Best Wishes,

Jimmy said...


I didn't really move my Blog so to speak, All i did was create another blog and then just put a few Post on my First blog and told them to come over to my Workshop if they wanted to.

So I manage 2 Blogs now, ALOTAT and HW Blog, it's easier to keep them separate, and I moved all of my Woodworking Links over to the Workshop blog, and left the other stuff there that wasn't woodworking.

I will also probably be posting with my handisworkshop email account, probably what I should have done was created Handisworkshop email, then created the blog under that to keep it separate, but didn't occur to me til after I got everything moved, so I'm just going to keep it the way it is.

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Sup brother! :)

I just redone some of my blog last night, was trying to rearrange my blog so I could get it on my workshop email instead of my Main email, well needless to say, didn't work quite as expected.

I lost all of my Followers, So if you are still interested, I could use another Follower, 2 of my original Followers came back after I posted to my other blog.


hirondelle said...

bonjour fEZ,cooment va le petit fEZ?il est vraiment mignon,je vais prendre le temps aujourd'hui de visiter ton chez toi,il y a plein de nouveautés bravo pour ton travail
bises Val