4 Sep 2008

A Lamp Panel

This is one of four panels of a Lamp I am working on. the project is taking time, but I recently came across this gem of advice from http://www.scrollsawer.com/scroll-saw-tips.php Tip List :
[Completing a project will always take longer than you think. Relax and have fun; it’s the surest way to decrease cutting errors. And if you do make a mistake or two, don’t point it out to anyone! You’re the only one who knows how the pattern was supposed to look.]
Anyway ... I've found the pattern in the so valuable Fretworks site : http://www.fretworks.com.au/catalogues.htm

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking pattern, I'm sure the completed project will look stunning.

It's oh so true, the finishing seems to take the time.

realfEZ said...

Thank you for your visit Anonymous.