2 Jan 2009

Mirror Frame 2

Hi friends,
This is a simulation of a Mirror frame in process. Will be posting the finished product soon isA.

If you think it should come out great, why not download the
Free Mirror Frame Pattern for Scroll Saw below?!

See it materialized here :



Handi said...

fEZ: Nice... What size is the Frame? 5x7, 8x10?

Pretty cool, You doing pretty well.


christine said...

Bravo et merci pour ce beau miroir!

realfEZ said...

Salut Christine et bienvenue dans mon Blog! Ravi que ça plaise.


Arpop said...

Nice pattern, took a copy Thanks Arpop

Jenny said...

Looks Great!

realfEZ said...

Thanks Jenny!

Anonymous said...

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bathmate said...

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ines said...

Gracias! excelente trabajo.